Jamie's face, with long blond hair and brown and gold wire-frame glasses

Hi! I’m Jamie.

I’m a versatile designer with strong product skills, education domain expertise, and experience helping teams build simple, accessible, and scalable software.

Brief Background

I spent over four years at 2U helping build the UI systems and online education platform used for accredited degree and certificate programs at 70+ universities.

Since then, I’ve helped build out and manage an indie arcade, done event and portrait photography, co-designed a (soon to be) published video game, and worked with community groups helping everyone weather the current world.

What I’m Looking For

I’m seeking a design position that lets me contribute to high-level strategy and architecture while doing ground-level production work, ideally for a project with a social mission. I’d be open to a range of positions but would probably fit best as a senior product designer in most organizations.

My Work Style

I aim to help a team clarify its vision. I think methodically. I push towards quality in my work but avoid perfectionism in evolving systems. I lay out future possibilities to avoid pitfalls. I regularly ask, “Is this the best way to do this?” I cultivate the relationships, habits, vocabulary, and vision to grow success over the long run.

Work Samples

Course Management Platform

I helped a product team transform an MVP for one client into enterprise-scale course planning and production software. We worked with content production to restructure and automate a maze of unique processes, tools, and data models into a single global workflow.

screenshot of a Course Planner web interface, with lessons arranged in sequences of blue dots and icons for content types screenshot of a Course Builder web interface, with inputs for content editing and production statuses

Severe development constraints required resourceful planning, and the best solutions often limited UI development. I focused instead on designing information architecture and workflows to cleanly scale versioned curriculum data across 2U products and third-party learning tools.

photo of two whiteboards, each with two high-level diagrams of possible data structures for version control photo of the senior engineer and product manager on my team talking next to a whiteboard photo of a whiteboard from a working session, titled 'I/O to Content App' flow diagram of user roles and workflows across 2U software systems flow diagram of 2U user roles and workflows as they connect to an 'enrollment system'

Design System

I helped develop and iterate a design system in both code and design tools over four years. This involved maintaining a shared symbol library and working with the design team to incorporate new components as needs arose.

screenshot of a collection of interface components such as buttons, form inputs, progress bars screenshot of complex Sketch symbol overrides for circular progress bars at various levels of completion screenshot of complex Sketch symbol overrides for number-type form inputs in various sizes and states screenshot of complex Sketch symbol overrides in action for a tooltip component animated screencap of a toggle interface component changing states

The system required brand customization while maintaining strict accessibility standards and layout consistency, so we automated changes throughout the system based on a handful of variables the marketing team could control directly.

screenshot of a coding interface describing the rendering of button interface components in different states, based on a set of variables

Lecture Player

I led a project to launch a cross-platform player for multimedia lectures. Development had to start immediately, so I prioritized known back-end tasks for developers to give the design team to collect existing research, build a plan, and design component specs on a rolling basis.

photo of a designer on my team sitting at a desk sketching mobile interfaces with a Sharpie photo of a whiteboard with video interface components broken apart and labeled in groups with numbers 1 to 4 screenshot of a desktop video player interface with picture-in-picture for the video of a professor lecturing on top of their slideshow screenshot of a mobile video player interface with a transcript below it screenshot of mobile video player interface with an overlay for video chapter selection screenshot of a fullscreen mobile video player interface, with the phone oriented in landscape screenshot of the same mobile video player interface, with visible controls for chapter and slide selection as well as standard video player controls

We were able to ship on time while also building toward a research-informed vision for accessible lecture content, where all supporting visuals and annotations would be exposed with descriptions alongside the transcript.

screenshot of a web interface showing images and timestamps next to sections of a transcript presentation slide listing product features in a sequence of five releases

That's it for now. If you want to learn more or think I could help your team, please email me at jamie@mclean.xyz.

Have a nice day! ☀️